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     Rick and my last missions trip to Romania took us back to Tinca, a very small gypsy village in Romania. This time was different as God opened our eyes to the gypsy people. All we had ever seen were gypsies begging for money, but never really realized the depth of their despair. On this trip, we spent time with the village Pastor, and heard the MIRACLE of how the Word of God was brought to his village.
    In the USA, Walter, a gypsy himself, had been praying for years to lead him to a gypsy village, one that would be open to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Walter asked a friend to go with him to Romania to seek out a gypsy village.
Upon arriving in Romania, Walter went to Oradea. There he saw a young gypsy boy on the street and asked him to take them to a gypsy village. The boy led them to a house in the village of Tinca. As Walter stood in the doorway, he overheard men praying asking for someone to come and tell them about God when they were finished.
Walter said: I am your man!
Now, that’s a MIRACLE!
You can be a part of this continuing
Tinca's Second Miracle Completed!

     Thank you thank you! The Lord has truly blessed the Tinca project. Not only were we able to give them six showers but we were able to give them 10 showers! Amen! Plus, toilets and sinks, of which was beautifully tiled. 

     Churches and individuals alike have donated to this project towards the personalized buckets for the shower supplies they needed. The ministry also supplied two working washing machines and concrete for walk ways leading to the showers.
    Continuing Tinca Project 

We continue to need support to provide these children with supplies for their showers and wash machines to keep 
them in school.  We also need donations to provide "Woofi"
puppies for the new children that are coming to church each week.  We appreciate Pastor John Beach and his wife, Elva, 
who make long trips every several months to take in supplies for the Church in Tinca and elsewhere in Romania.

Tinca Donations Can Be Made Here:

The children are continuing to enjoy the showers for over 7 years now.
“For I know the plans I have for you”, says the Lord. “They are plans for good, not for disaster: to give you a future and hope."
Jeremiah 29:11
Ministry Built 
a dormitory for young men in Ko-Wo-To-To, Kenya, Africa

  A friend of ours ministers to a small village in Africa. On one of his home visits he came for dinner and shared with us that the village still circumcises little girls age 12 with pieces of glass and metal, and some bleed to death or get massive infections and die. After they heal they are put on an auction block and sold for goats and cows.
Rick and I were so taken back we immediately began praying about how we could help. Our friend said that they needed to build a dormitory for the boys so they could be taught that their bodies are the temple of God, and not to be destroyed.

Well we were on our way to build the dormitory, praise the Lord!
Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!
Woofi Has Come to Comfort 
The Children of Kenya
Receiving the Gift of God's Word
Helping Them to Grow in Him!
Brand New Home for 30 Children 
Praise the Lord!
Praise the Lord
New Home Construction Completed!
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