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We are available to present our "Woofi" program to your Church, Sunday School, Bible School, Women's Ministries, Seminar's, Christian Schools, and wherever the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught. Our purpose for existing is to encourage others to reach out to the rest of the world with the wonderful message of Salvation, and to involve others in a Mission Minded Outreach to others around the world. 

Contact us about having "Woofi" visit your Church or group in person. The life-size "Woofi" will thrill the hearts of children and adults alike and give you photo opportunities of having your picture taken with the real, live "Woofi." You can customize your program:

•Choice of 7 stories.
•Have the stories shown by a Power-Point Presentation. 
•Have story read with just a book presentation 
•Fun pictures of where Woofi has traveled 
•Sing the Woofi Song (check it out on web)
•Have Big Woofi come and have a photo opportunity

•Call: 610-287-6073. 
To help Woofi accomplish his goal, we will be working with individuals and churches who have a heart for missions to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world.
​Our Showroom Is Located At:  
143 Mill Road
Schwenksville, PA  19473
Call: 610-287-6073
Woofis that are given Free to a church must be given to a needy or hurting person.
  ( Use as an aid for the church to plant the seeds of salvation and bring comfort)
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We are a Pa. Registered, I.R.S. approved 501 (C) -3 Non-Profit Corp.

All check donations should be mailed to our address. If donating for the "Tinca Project, please note on your check. If donating for "Woofi" products, please go to "Store" Link and proceed there with your orders.